News: A Beautiful Morrigan Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya

Morigan Bishoujo Darkstalkers - by Kotobukiya
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One of the most alluring characters from Darkstalkers comes the beauty that is Morrigan. Illustrated by the masterful Shunya Yamashita, Morrigan showcases a playfulness that only a confident being of power can assume.

The sculpt is made using several different molds and textures throughout. The wings for example are made of a clear material with a unique paint technique that gives it a glossy sheen. Her ample body has just the right curves with great highlights and shadows on her leggings and rear to realistically portray her womanly parts.

She sticks her tongue out as if remembering a prank she pulled on her friends and thinking “heehee, got’em good that time!

Darkstalker Morrigan joins Kotobukiya‘s line of Bishoujo (beautiful girl) statues and is slated for release on March 2022. It’s a 1/7 scale and will MSRP for $119.99.

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