Zax – The Foam Axe You Can Throw Indoors


Video & Written reviews posted 9/3/19

Zax, a foam-made axe by Zing is great fun to throw – it sticks to walls, windows, your fridge, and maybe even someone’s pudgy face.

It’s displayed in a “try me” package so you can pick it up and get a feel for it – but you won’t be able to throw it though since the suction heads are protected. Besides that, the package also says ages 5+.

Sure, it gives off the vibe that this thing is for kids with all the colors and light weight. But in truth, I think it’s really made for adults that either need Cosplay weapons safe enough to be brought into conventions, or big corporate rec rooms where employees need to blow off some steam.

You know where this would be super useful and not just for shits and giggles? Practice for real professional axe throwers! I know the weight isn’ t the same, the axe head is nowhere near sharp enough, yada yada. But the motion never changes and you’d still need the same form, real axe or no. This way, you could practice indoors on a rainy day in relative safety (a real axe would leave a trail of damage the Zax couldn’t compete with.)

The head of the Zax resembles a real axe and mimics the way it might stick to a wall. This is done with three suction cups (also made of foam) lined in a row, top to bottom, at an angle. You wouldn’t think suction would work with foam, but it does. The surface of the suction cups are smooth and stick well.


In addition to throwing it, you could just pound it on a table for fun. It’s so oddly satisfying, you’ll find it extremely difficult to stop. Of course you’ll need to do that on the right kind of surface or it’ll just stick to it (like one covered with a table cloth – or maybe even the back of your most hated enemy -or friend’s- head).

Some would argue this could be great for anger management, or at least a good way to let off some steam. But it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for therapy, though in a pinch it could help.


Well, it’s foam. It won’t last you 20-30 years, but it won’t break that easily either – unless you’re trying to purposely rip it to shreds. It’s soft enough not to hurt anyone but made with a heavier closed cell foam. You can swing it around without too much worry and feel a hefty and satisfying weight every time.


Not everything is well thought out. At least not for me.

You see, playing with one Zax is like playing with one dart. Do you really want to go retreive that dart after just one throw? That’s no fun! You want to throw a bunch of them first, maybe 3 or 4 – THEN get them after having some fun at least. So consider that before you buy just one. You might actually need more than that.


There will probably come a time when the suction cups won’t work as when you first bought it. This probably means the cups are dirty, having picked up dirt, dust and oils from the surfaces its been in contact with.

You can simply take a damp cloth and wipe the insides of those cups – and if that doesn’t work, use a bit of liquid soap to pick up the really caked on grease.


The Zax foam axe by Zing is great fun to play with by people of all ages – from children all the way to working adults. It may even be a good way to practice your form if you’re on your way to pro level.

On the flip side, it’s no fun to play with just one – you might need to consider picking up a couple of more!

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