Vid: Kingston NVMe & 2.5″ SSD 2019 Lineup @Pepcom 2019 (Sept)


Kingston is changing how their 2.5″ SSDs are overprovisioned – as in “no more of that”. Model KC600 takes these changes to heart – what used to be 480GB is 512GB and 960GB is a full 1TB.

Their A2000 NVMe SSDs are single-sided and thin to fit laptops & ultrabooks while the KC2000 is double-sided to run faster for desktops.

Also on show is their new SD card lineup. The Canvas Select Plus replaces the Canvas Select with READ speeds of 100MB/s and WRITE of 80MB. The same is also coming for their two other lines – the Canvas Go will upgrade to the Canvas Go Plus and the Canvas React will become the Canvas React Plus.

More info:

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — A2000 NVMe (for laptops) — KC2000 NVMe (for desktops/workstations)

Pepcom Product Showcase Event (09/19)
@Metropolitan Pavilian, New York City


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