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Video Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction
00:13 Mutations Mix ‘N Match (Tales of the TMNT)
01:03 Mutant Mayhem
01:30 Vehicled figures
01:46 Tootin’ Turtle Tots
01:59 Collector Dioramas

Mutations “Mix ‘N Match” figures are based on the new cartoon series “Tales of the TMNT”. You can swap parts from heads, arms, legs, etc from the 8 figures available:

  • 4 Turtles (Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael)
  • Splinter
  • Bishop
  • Mechazoid
  • Metalhead

From Mutant Mayhem are Mutant Tots (Bebop and Rocksteady), Ray Fillet, and a young Splinter (with hair!)

Vehicles with figures include Rocksteady on his Chopper cycle (from the movie) and a newer Rafael on his cycle from the cartoon series.

For collectors, there are 2 diorama specials, each containing 4 turtle figures that snap together:

  1. Classic 1986 original sketch figures by Kevin Eastman and Laird. Availability: June, at Target stores.
  2. Re-mastered 1988 figures, more deco & articulation. Availability: July, at Walmart stores.

Check prices on Amazon: — Rocksteady on his Chopper

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Event: Spring Fling (March 2024)


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