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If you’re new to Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Models) and are unsure of which to ones to get, we got a hold of a Bandai rep to explain the different grades. The video shows a walkthrough of 7 grades from entry grade to mega size. Here’s a quick reference:

  • EG (Entry Grade) – 1/144 scale, MSRP: $10.00+
  • HG (High Grade) – 1/144 scale, MSRP: $13.00+
  • RG (Real Grade) – 1/144 scale, MSRP: $31.00+
  • MG (Master Grade) – 1/100 scale, MSRP: $55.00+
  • PG (Perfect Grade ) – 1/60 scale, MSRP: $296.00+
  • MS (Mega Size) – 1/48 scale, MSRP: $92.00+
  • SD (Super Deformed) – MSRP: $10.00

EG (Entry Grade) – beginners kit or “start here” model

HG (High Grade) – the vast majority of Gunpla models; “best bang for the buck”

RG (Real Grade) – HG in size, MG complexity (like high articulation & advanced frame)

MG (Master Grade) – larger than RG, smaller than PG; highly complex with hydraulics

PG (Perfect Grade) – pinnacle of Gunpla, a reference model with the highest engineering

MS (Mega Size) – biggest size, not as complex as Perfect Grade. Limited in number of models.

SD (Super Deformed) – “chibi” style, cute and fun

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