Kotobukiya 2020 Product Guide & the Return of Horror Figures (Toy Fair 2020)


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00:16 – Mega Man Lineup
01:08 – My Hero Academia
01:55 – Bishoujo Collection (Beautiful girls)

08:48 – ArtFX Premiere (Women of Marvel)
10:25 – Star Wars
13:39 – DC Comics Lineup

Kotobukiya is going back to their roots and designing more horror based figures, from It to Leatherface. They’ll be very pretty to look at too because they’re being introduced in the attractive Bishoujo line (“Beautiful Girls”.) Even Pennywise seems harmless, but you can never be sure. My favorite models have got to be Leatherface, and interestingly, Kotobukiya will be outing two different versions; Chainsaw Dance and the Yellow Apron. Both will have beautiful knees and elbows.

Horror Bishoujo – Leatherface (click image to enlarge)

My Little Pony was supposed to be 6 figures in total, but demand for more seems to have increased that number. Then there’s a new Poison Ivy; a very clever design with the base being the ivy that she’s seen sitting on.

Kotobukiya @Toy Fair 2019

What did Kotobukiya show last year at Toy Fair 2019?

Last year, Kotobukiya didn’t turn out many Star Wars figures – with good reason. They’ve been waiting for episode 9! Now that it’s out, they’ve got a boatload of figures including Mandalorian, BB8, IG-11 and Kylo Ren.

In a surprising project called the Artist Series, famous artists are asked to envision a Star Wars figure and create a design in their own style. This is then brought to life by Kotobukiya for a creatively different take on the well known characters.

Star Wars Artist Series (click image to enlarge)

Batman Who Laughs – I’ve never seen such a creepy version of this vigilante. Extremely popular, according the reps as he stands next to the wholesome (in comparison) brightness of Wonder Woman.

Batman Laughs
Batman Laughs (click image to enlarge)

The final two figures (still in development) are of Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey & Batman Thomas Wayne. Actress Margot Robbie vs an alternate timeline… personally, I’m excited to see Batman’s dad.

More info: https://en.kotobukiya.co.jp
Event: Toy Fair 2020 (Jacob Javits Center, NYC – Feb 2020)


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