Bandai 2020 Product Guide (Toy Fair 2020)


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00:12 – Pacman Tamagotchi (for Pacman’s 40th Anniversary)
01:05 – Tamagotchi On (with color screen)
01:41 – Tippies & Character Friends
02:15 – MegaHouse Character Cubes

02:55 – My Hero Academia blindbag figures
03:17 – The Loyal Subjects (hundreds of figures)
03:53 – Dragonball figures (16 articulating points)
04:57 – Anime Heroes (Naruto & Saint Seiya)

05:40 – Pretty Pixels (Design your own erasers)

So what does Bandai do for Pacman’s 40th anniversary? Make a special Tamagotchi game for it of course! In addition to this special tribute, Bandai America guides us through some of their products for 2020.

They include lots of anime figurines like Dragonball & Naruto, the advanced Tamagotchi On game that you can play connected with your friends (and marry them for creating offspring), and designer erasers – where you get to be the designer!

More info:
Event: Toy Fair 2020 (Jacob Javits Center, NYC – Feb 2020)


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