2nd Gen WD My Passport SSDs Are Twice as Fast (Techfluence 2020)


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WD My Passport SSD

With a long history in the storage arena, WD keeps up to date with their external My Passport SSDs. 

Announced about a month ago, these portable drives are 2nd gen products with major improvements in the following:

  1. Doubling of Read/Write speeds to 1050/1000 MB/s
  2. Improved physical design

First off, these things are super small and can fit into your back pocket. They’re just a tad bigger than credit cards and certainly smaller than most smart phones. The corners are rounded and can easily slip into a bag without any edges poking out – and they’re designed to look great with 4 color options to suit the pickiest of us. This size is made possible by using NVMe modules that come in three sizes: 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB.

There are no moving parts so while it doesn’t have an IP rating, it’s still shock and vibration proof. It’s tested to withstand 6.5 foot drops should it ever slip out of your hands.

This line is geared towards everyday consumers ranging from business professionals to content creators. In my opinion, I reckon the size and increased read/write speeds (1GB/sec read and write!) make them a good option for location backups on a photo or video shoot. No more lugging around huge drives when you’re running and gunning!

It’s worth noting that while the drive itself may be capable of those insane speeds, you can only take advantage if your computer can handle it (USB 3.1 Gen2, 10Gbps). In the box, you’re provided with a USB-C cable and a type A adapter for backward compatibility – plus you’ve got a 5 year limited warranty.

My Passport SSD

For: Consumers (business pros, everyday content creators)
Capacities: 500GB, 1TB and 2TB for PC/Mac
4 Colors: gray, rose gold, red, midnight blue

Read/Write speeds: 1050/1000 Megabytes/sec
Encryption: 256bit with backup software included
Shock: 6.5ft drops, shock/vibration proof (no IP rating)
MSRP: 500GB $119.99 / 1TB $189.99

More info: https://www.WesternDigital.com
Event: Techfluence 2020 (September 2020)


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