Shooting Video in a Tight Space – A “Mobile” Studio Setup

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00:20 – Basic Setup & Parts
02:33 – How it Works
03:58 – How to attach everything
05:52 – Framing up the camera

Tight living space and wanting to shoot overhead has forced me to be creative. My current table design for shooting Youtube videos now lets me set up and break down super quickly.

After I did a comparison video of the two Manfrotto Magic Arms, a lot of people saw my table setup and wanted to know how it worked. So here it is.

I hope you like the video and gives you ideas on your own table setups!

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — Manfrotto 143N (Lever type) — Manfrotto 244N (Knob type) with camera bracket — Manfrotto 035RL Super Clamp with stud

The following aren ‘t exact, but pretty similar to what I use: — Wire Shelving (I use InterMetro, but there are cheaper options like this) — Aputure Light Storm LS 1S Lights — 5” Lilliput A5 field monitor — 11” articulating arm (for small monitor)


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