Vid Review: Roccat Elo X Stereo – Wired Gaming Headset

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00:29 – Unboxing
01:19 – Comfort
01:32   – Self adjusting headband!
02:03   – Do you wear glasses? No problem!

03:21 – All about the jack (3.5mm 4-pole)
04:29 – Cable length is kinda wrong…

05:12 – Sound Quality
06:20 – Listen to this mic. This is how it sounds.

07:14 – Use it on the street
07:50 – Earcup audio controls
08:19 – This headset “Tings…sss”

09:04 – Possible Issues?
11:21 – Final Thoughts

The Roccat Elo X Stereo is a new, affordable gaming headset with 3.5mm jack. For $50, it’s got great sound, a high quality mic, and you never have to adjust it to fit your head!

Roccat gives you 2 other models to choose from with more features; their USB version (Elo 7.1 USB) and wireless version (Elo 7.1 Air).

Of all its functions, my favorite is the self-adjusting headband. It’s so easy to put these on without having to adjust anything – every single time!

Wear glasses while gaming? That’s fine too – Roccat uses ProSpec technology (inherited from Turtle Beach) that makes it more comfortable.

The microphone sounds pretty good with TruSpeak technology. It’s supposed to sound natural, almost like someone is there with you. It’s also detachable, so you can use the headset as headphones on the street if you so choose.

But the oddest thing of all? It “tings”. Almost like having a Tibetan singing bowl built in.

More Info:
(Test unit provided by Roccat for this review.)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)


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