Play NYC 2023 – Latest Indie Games in Development

Play NYC check-in crew

PLACE: Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City (August 05-06, 2023)
PAGE UPDATED: August 23, 2023

Every year, Play NYC showcases the latest developments in Indie games, with developers showing off everything from PC to VR games. Some of them are very close to launching, while others are still under development, but want to let you in on what’s coming. You, dear visitor, had the chance to try them all out in this two-day gaming bonanza!

In addition to video games, there were developers of table-top card games and parters like Coca-cola & Red Bull offering free, complementary drinks throughout the 2 day event to help you re-energize.

Red Bull had an open “bar” offering several kinds of virgin mixed drinks while Coca Cola Creations promoted their latest Mystery XP (eXtra Points) flavor, the League of Legends drink they call Ultimate; a limited edition flavor made only for 3 months. Having said that, you might want to try it before they stop making it in early September.

Notably missing were the presence of big gaming peripheral companies like HyperX, Steel Series, or Roccat, though it might be a good thing. It kinda made the event feel less commercial and corporate, where the Indie devs bring passion projects to life & focus on quality and gameplay (rather than on profits and the bottom line.)

Well, on to the games then. We checked out 7 games with more info below:

  • Mu: Dead Wind (3rd person shooter)
  • HeliRaid
  • Hiboka
  • Kristala
  • Ritual Night
  • Stellarune
  • Tisane

Interestingly, three of the games (Ritual Night, Stellarune & Tisane) were made by devs, all of whom were former NYU students. They’ve got really great ideas with some of them having gone on to win awards.

Shin Games - Mu: Dead Wind

Mu: Dead Wind (Shin Games)
A shaman in 17th century Korea fights to survive attacks from energy draining specters.

Hiboka Hero image

Hiboka (Flying Carpets Games)
You play as Alexandre, searching for Hiboka, the spirit underworld of Malagasy folklore!

Ritual Night -hero image

Ritual Night (Outfox Games)
Use teamwork (multiplayer) to summon the mighty Cthulhu. Beware the sabateurs!


HeliRaid (Beagle Reality)
A helicopter gunner ensures the survival of the infiltration agent. A VR game.

Kristala - hero image

Kristala (Astral Clocktower Studios)
Uncover the source of the monster curse as a feline warrior mastering the six magics.

Stellarune screenshot

Stellarune (Mergician Productions)
Reach the tower’s apex by defeating foes with your magic. Real-time, strategic action game.

Tasane tea game

Tisane (Pineapple Staircase)
Satisfy your foreign tea customers; without knowing the local language!


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