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Game: Mu: Dead Wind
Developer: S.W. Shin

Mu: Dead Wind is a third person action/shooter game where you play a shaman in 17th century Korea where specters are trying to steal your life force. Your job is to fight off and exorcise them before they suck out your soul. It plays in the spirit of Dark Souls or Bloodborne, and if you like horror genres, this is a game for you.

The player has a set of shamanic weapons at their disposal including:

  • A fan for close range attack and defense
  • Elemental talismans for long range attack: ice, fire & lightning
  • A spirit rope talisman: lasso and pull enemies to striking range


This amazing game is 2 years of work solely by S.W. Shin from soup to nuts – including all the motion capture. Donning his motion capture suit, he’s captured everything from attacks & dodging animation to hit reactions and possessions by specters.

He’s found that make any of it believable, you need to really act and put 100% energy into these motions; no half-assed job was acceptable. Thankfully, no major injuries were sustained during these captures, though we’re told he’s come pretty close.

S.W. Shin (click image to enlarge)

INTERVIEW (edited for brevity)

Historically, Shin has been a Unity developer for about 10 years, but this game is being made in Unreal 5. He finds that while Unity is flexible and allows you to do anything, it’s pretty bare-bones and you have to make a lot of things yourself.

Using Unreal 5, he’s been enjoying a lot of the powerful, built-in tools straight out of the box with an excellent engine for graphics and animations – though he’s found that anything involving high graphics on this engine needs lots of optimization.


PC (Steam) & consoles – best estimate, late next year 2024.

More Info:
Event: Play NYC (August 2023)


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