Kingston Unleashes the Fury Brand for Gamers! (Pepcom Home Now! 2021)


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Kingston FURY Renegade DDR4 RAM
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Today, we welcome news of the coming of Kingston Fury, the new brand for high performance components like DRAM memory, flash and SSDs for gamers and enthusiasts.

When it comes to memory, there will be three product categories:

  • Kingston Fury Renegade – Insane performance DDR4 (up to 5333 MHz)
  • Kingston Fury Beast – High performance, cost effective DDR4 & DDR3 (up to 3733 MHz)
  • Kingston Fury Impact – SO-DIMM DDR4 & DDDR3 for laptops/NUC (up to 3200 MHz)

Not only that, but DDR5 memory modules are currently in testing with motherboard vendors, and products are to be announced in Q4 of 2021.

The new Kingston Fury brand fills a gap left by the sale of HyperX to HP. It’s easiest to think of HyperX as keeping all externally visible input/output products like headsets, keyboard and mice but not the internal components like DRAM memory, SSDs and flash – these remain with Kingston and will be named part of the Fury family.

From a consumer standpoint, it’s all just musical chairs and different brand names. The important thing is that they haven’t forgotten about us gamers and enthusiasts – they’re still developing and making gear for us!

When it comes to e-sports sponsorships, it’s most probable that agreements made with e-leagues and gaming teams will continue as is. But they too will probably see the change in branding going forward.

Kingston Fury is officially launching products in July, so keep tuned!

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