Norton “Core” Router has Enterprise Level Security Built-in


Don’t let the word “router” fool you; it’s so much more than that. Norton Symantec is well known for their antivirus and malware protection, but here they’ve produced a piece of hardware they call the “Core”, a Wi-Fi router that marries that knowledge to the hardware for home use.

Essentially, you have a guard dog that protects all your internet activities without you having to do much other than give it commands, like “make sure my kid doesn’t have a playboy magazine under his bed” or “don’t let the teens drink alcohol in the house”. The appearance of the friendly dog hides the fact that it can indeed be a vengeful wolf with really big teeth to unwanted intruders, and yet revert to a Mary Poppins, the gentle nanny who’ll prevent the young ones from raiding the liquor cabinet.

The friendly dog appearance hides the fact that this can indeed be a vengeful wolf

This miniature “Disney Epcot Center” looking wi-fi router hides complex enterprise level security software (stuff that corporations and big companies use) with an easy to use interface for normal humans who don’t deal with protocols or write code for a living. Their idea is to control everything at the front door – so anti-virus, anti-malware, unsafe website lists are all active in the router so your computer or smartphone doesn’t take a hit in the first place.

Updates to firmware and virus definitions are automatic (which are the bits we really aren’t interested in doing manually), but where we can see real added value is in the level of control we have over what users can do on the internet.


You can set time limits on little Johnny’s internet access to say, an hour or two a day – and maybe more on Saturdays. You can check off all the content you don’t want him to access, like alcohol, abortion, gambling, nudie pictures – a whole range of options. And if you really wanted to see if your internet company is ripping you off, you can use the built in speed test to see if you’re getting the promised gigabit speeds you’re paying through the nose for.

All this (and more) is built in and available now for $279 at time of writing. The antivirus service is free for 1 year and $9.99/month after that.

From the Luxury Tech Show 2017, New York City

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