Wave Goodbye to Bad Skin with Hi Mirror Plus


Specially designed to monitor your skin, this “smart mirror” combines hardware and software to help you figure out how to improve its daily condition. From a hardware perspective, it’s basically a camera mounted on a tablet with facial recognition software. The real magic however, is in the analysis that measures parameters such as clarity, texture, firmness, brightness and healthiness. By analyzing your skin daily with pictures, the software can advise you on areas that need improvement and also those that are improving.

We’re told you can scan QR codes of products you’re using with the effects being recorded by the software, so you’d know if it was helping or not and in what way.

The Hi Mirror Plus is the newer version from the first Hi Mirror – it comes with LED lights on each side and allows up to 6 profiles (for you, your spouse, and possibly your teenage children.) When you’re done taking care of your face, you can use the built-in media center to hear the news, check the weather, or connect to Spotify while you run your morning routine.

The Hi Mirror Plus is available for $269 while the original goes for $199.

You can add to your arsenal with two additional accessories:

  • “Smart Body” scale measuring bmi, bone mass, weight & water levels ($79)
  • The “Hi Skin”, a portable sensor put directly on your skin to measure melanine and hydration levels ($49)

From the Luxury Tech Show 2017, New York City

More info: https://www.himirror.com
Check prices: Amazon http://amzn.to/2yt8E3S  —Amazon affiliate link



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