Shoot Marshmallows – a Delicious Way to Have Fun!

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Marshmallow Fun products lets you shoot marshmallows in the shape of guns, bows and arrows and slings. It’s a fun and harmless way to play Cowboys and Indians, and at the end of the day, the projectiles are bio-degradable!

It was first created by Beaver at the behest of his wife to make some cool party favors for their son’s birthday. From that first backyard idea sprang forth several lines of marshmallow shooters!

They have their classic line, a camo line for outdoors, and now they’re coming out with a tennis ball shooter for your pet. The great thing about the pet toy is that you don’t ever have to touch the ball – you use the gun to pick it up, and pump it to shoot up to 40 feet.

Who says shooting has to be dangerous? It can be fun and delicious!

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