Kingston SD Cards & Readers (Pepcom 2018)


Kingston‘s lineup of memory cards and card readers aim to satisfy even the most demanding 4K video shooters. Three categories of memory cards signify the difference with “Good, Better and Best”:

GoodCanvas Select
– Read: 80MB/sec
– Write: 10MB/sec

BetterCanvas Go!
– Read: 90MB/sec
– Write: 45MB/sec

BestCanvas React
Read: 100MB/sec
Write: 80MB/sec

Read speeds are pretty fast across their whole line, but keep an eye on the write speeds because this can be mission critical – it can mean the difference between a stalled video recording and success when it comes to writing a huge stream of data (high bitrates in 4K recording for example).

Transferring data comes next, and doing so quickly is also important. Kingston offers three products here:

  • MobileLite G4 – SD and microSD card reader with USB-A 3.0
  • MobileLite Duo 3C – microSD card reader with USB-A and USB-C
  • Nucleum – a multi purpose HUB with 7 ports, including an SD and microSD card reader

The Nucleum hub connects via USB-C and has all the benefits that come with it. This included an HDMI port and laptop charging via USB-C (should your lappy support this function).

More info:

Pepcom Holiday Spectacular Event (09/18)
@Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City

Check prices: Amazon affiliate links (costs you nothing!) — Canvas React 128GB SD card (Best) — Canvas Go! 128GB SD card (Better) — Canvas Select 64GB microSD card (Good) — Nucluem HUB and multi reader — MobileLite G4 USB 3.0 Card Reader — MobileLite Duo 3C microSD Reader


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