Zing’s Go Go Bird – Vid Review

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If you’re new to drones and want to try your hand at flying one, Zing’s Go Go Bird is an option on the starter menu. It’s probably the better choice compared to buying a full-on drone because chances are good that you’re going to crash your first one (and the cost of parts add up quickly.)

It flies at one level so it’s easy to control (no up or down movement unless there’s a breeze pushing it upward). Once you get the hang of it, use the preset buttons for automatic aerials like figure eights.

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Go Go Bird comes with a remote control, 2 rechargeable batteries for the bird, a USB adapter, bird stand and a mini screwdriver.

Once you’re outside, you can charge one battery while flying with the other – provided you have a battery bank handy with you!

https://amzn.to/2IAneNo — Check prices (Amazon affiliate link)


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