Cobra Road Scout Elite & DualPro 360 Dashcam/Radar Detectors @CE Week 2019

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In a departure from typical box-like design, Cobra is introducing the Road Scout Elite. It’s a hybrid dashcam/radar detector that more resembles a dashboard of a cool car than a typical radar detector.

Road Scout Elite Details

  • Sony Exmor camera sensor ensures great field of view and low light performance
  • Pair with phone/tablet for a live video stream
  • Edit/upload media with your smartphone to share your side of the story
  • US $449

The DualPro 360 is named for its ability to scan 360 degrees for all around protection around your vehicle, not just the front.

DualPro 360 Details

  • Scans 360 degrees around the vehicle
  • Onboard GPS stores info on red light traffic cameras, speed cameras and speed traps
  • US $449

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Here’s what Cobra showed us last time

Both units feature a mag-mount for easy detachment after use. But the biggest benefit is probably the up-to-date info that’s shared between all online users on local law enforcement via the iRadar app. If a fellow Cobra or Escort radar user detects a positive for roadside police ninja, other users in the area will then be alerted to it.

There’s also the IVT that uses advanced filtering to differentiate (and ignore) radar emitted by other cars (used for collision avoidance) – while giving posiive alerts to that of law enforcement.

More info:

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — DualPro 360

CE WEEK Event (06/19)
@Jacob Javits Center, New York City


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