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Using a connected network, Cedar Electronics, the parent company of Escort & Cobra Electronics (makers of radar detectors, dashcams & CB Radios) allow sharing of sensor information to help their customers know if there is a trap that’s set to spring.

The Escort Max 360C Radar Detector connects and shares information on the cloud to help you avoid getting speeding tickets. This active device network shares verifiable sensor data to confirm locations where the police may be targeting victims. This information is shared with other owners of Escort and Cobra products.

With police use of “instant-on” radar and laser increasing, it’s getting more difficult to know for sure where the police are, since these devices only activate for short bursts at a time.

That’s why safety is becoming more important in numbers – the larger the number of people who share their radar detection info, the surer you can be that there is a real officer waiting around the corner to hand out tickets. The best way to avoid that ticket is with a large network of people sharing data, like the one hosted by Escort and Cobra.

And getting caught doesn’t mean just a costly ticket. This can be the start of an expensive race to the bottom with your insurance – one that can follow you around for much longer than that ticket does!

On the dashcam front, the Cobra 2316D Dual Channel Dashcam provides video from both the front and the rear. If you want, you can point the rear camera from inside the car to see what’s going on in the cabin.

And that’s not all – on this specific device, you can view realtime detection data shared on the Escort/Cobra network to use as a “make-shift” radar detector for advanced warnings.

Cobra also has a single channbel version, the 2308.

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