Final Fantasy, Nier & Kingdom Hearts Figures & Games by Square Enix @Toy Fair 2023


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Video Table of Contents
00:00 Introduction
00:21 Plush knits, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy
01:07 Board &Trading/Booster Card Games
02:38 Jigsaw Puzzles

03:07 Final Fantasy 7 figures (Play Arts Kai & static)
04:17 Nier Automata Form-ism figures & plush
05:38 Kingdom Hearts Figures (Play Arts Kai)

06:00 Metallic Bright Arts figures
06:20 Keyblades & keychains
07:17 Flocked Moogle & Torgal Puppy
08:10 More Metallic Bright Arts figures

Pick your favorite Square Enix game characters and they’ll probably have an awesome figure or plush for them.

At Toy Fair, they showed off their vast collection of all types of board games, collectible cards, figures (both static and posable), plush and more for:

  • Final Fantasy 7
  • Nier Automata
  • Kingdom Hearts

Bright Arts is a new line of metal figures that I think is fantastic. “Kinda heavy” they told us, which is great because I’ll be double-dutying them as paper weights on my desk.

More Info:
Event: NY Toy Fair (Sep-Oct, 2023)


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