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Original Post: 05/20/2021
PAGE UPDATED: 5/22/2021

This is the second Techfluence event of the year ( here’s what was at the earlier one in 2021 ), with technology companies showcasing their newest products. It comes as no surprise to see stuff that caters to consumer’s needs during the pandemic (like headsets for Zoom calls.) Here’s our coverage of:

  • JLab Audio
  • Sandisk
  • GoSun
  • 1More
  • OWC


5G Technology – Just Hype… or Not?

There was a 5G discussion after the keynote by industry analysts about what was happening in the marketplace – and how people are (or aren’t) picking up new phones with 5G. Some interesting points were brought up:

  1. There are 3 radio bands – low bands can connect your phone from far distances, but has slow download speeds. High bands can only connect at super short distances, but have really fast download speeds. The third isn’t for consumer use.
  2. Prices haven’t changed much from 4G to 5G. In fact, some people with 5G capable phones are being quietly “upgraded” from 4G without them even knowing. No rate hikes afterwards either (so far).
  3. Verizon is making the most noise about their 5G network, but has the lowest coverage. T-Mobile has much larger 5G coverage, but isn’t talking about it at all. AT&T also has better 5G coverage than Verizon, but isn’t advertising it much either.

The concensus was that 5G doesn’t make financial sense for carriers to implement unless it’s a place requiring huge numbers of connections (with many users) packed in a super condensed space (like large sports arenas.)

So it’s very likely 5G will only roll out in cities like New York and DC, and then only in select spaces (like Madison Square Garden for example.) So if you live in a not-so-metropolis city, don’t hold your breath. The 4G that’s already available will probably be faster than 5G for most folks.

In fact, the panel mused at how WiFi 6 might be better suited than 5G for next gen communications with its longer range and faster download speeds.


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