Solo Electric Car by Electra Meccanica

Electra Meccanica Solo electric car
The Solo is a three wheeled, single seat electric car with a top speed of 137 mph (limited to 82 mph). The vehicle is built in British Columbia, Canada, where Electra Meccanica is based.

0-60 mph takes 8 seconds, which is phenomenal considering it weighs 1,380 lbs. The chassis is a lightweight aerospace composite, but the lithium-ion batteries that line the sides of the car probably make a large contribution to the weight. Some forethought in design allows these batteries to be replaceable as technology continues to improve.

Electra Meccanica Solo electric car

Charging time is about 6 hours on 110 volts via standard J1772 charging systems. With a 100 mile range, the Solo is more than adequate for in-city movement.

Electra Meccanica Solo electric car

While this electric car itself is quite small, it still offers 285 liters of trunk space in the front and rear. To top it all off, there is a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty as well as a 5 year battery warranty.

The cost? US$15,500.

From the Luxury Tech Show 2017, New York City
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