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T-mobile Home Internet
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Tmobile 5G Home Internet offers super fast speeds up to 1 gbps with a 5G router that you can place wherever you want in your house with no special cabling required.

When compared to their competitors, Tmobile’s wavelengths have a longer reach, making them a great choice for rural/suburban areas while companies that rhyme with “horizon” may better suit densely populated cities (their shorter millimeter-wave technology can’t reach as far, but have more capacity.)

5G Home Internet costs $50/month, but if you have the Magenta Max plan for your smartphone, the price is reduced to $30/month. For both plans, there’s no throttling or de-prioritization.

To ensure fast 5G speeds for all customers from mobile to home internet, Tmobile checks your address first before you sign up in order to ensure there’s no capacity issues in your area.

Currently (as of June 2022), Tmobile covers 315 million people across 1.8 million square miles, making it four times larger than Verizon and 30% larger than AT&T.

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