AR and VR toys by Merge – Cube, Blaster and Goggles


Merge VR is a virtual/augmented reality company that brings us toys, games and entertainment. They showed us four products at Toy Fair 2018:

Goggles – Made of soft foamy material, you place your smartphone into the slot of Goggles for an immersive 3D experience. It’s also suited for Augmented Reality by exposing the camera of your phone (by pulling away the front area of Goggles.)

Mini-Goggles – For smaller sized faces that might not fit Goggles, Merge developed a kid-friendly version. Not only is it small, but it’s been re-designed with easier-to-use buttons and a clasp mechanism to hold the phone in place.

Cube – This is a cool AR device that can be a really fun learning device or game. It’s a baseball-sized cube that changes its form when you view it on your smartphone (via the camera). For example, the cube can emulate a human heart in 3D as you view it on your phone. Turn the cube and the heart turns too – the parts are labeled so you know what each area is (e.g. left ventricle, right atrium).

Blaster – is a futuristic gun that you can play games with. The interesting thing is that there is no limit to the area you can play the game in. You’re not restricted to pivoting left and right, you can move around, duck to take cover and so forth. Just make sure you have enough living room space to play!

More info:

Toy Fair Event (02/18)
@Jacob Javits Center, New York City


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