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Marshmallow Fun offers us a way of shooting all kinds of marshmallows at each other for a fun time with no casualties from boredom! I’ve discovered several major benefits in using these soft confectionaries. They…

  1. don’t hurt (much)
  2. are cheap ammo (a couple of bucks for a bag!)
  3. are eco friendly

In addition to all that, you don’t have to worry about losing any balls or other ammo because you can buy’em cheap almost anywhere! Use big marshmallows or mini marshmallows from accurate single shooters to “spray-and-pray” type spreaders.

The company story is really interesting too. The first product was created by a dad as a party favor for his kid’s birthday. Something fun, something they’d enjoy playing around with. The idea of using marshmallows came into play and it started a whole line of products that are available for anyone to pick up today.

Marshmallows Mini vs Large

Marshmallows Mini vs Large

They also tell us that a gun smith is involved with their designs for the shooters. I don’t know about you, but for me it brings a certain level of authenticity in a working design of a toy that can only come from real-world experience.

Marshmallow Fun products aren’t only for the younger crowd either. For the pet owners, how about one that shoots tennis balls for your dog to chase? Instead of having to pick up a drool-covered ball, you can directly use the Dog Gone tennis ball Blaster and never get your hands sticky again.

To be sure, there are many more models available than the ones we looked at, but for now, check out the selection that we explored!
(This is an in-depth look after our first encounter with Marshmallow Fun at Toy Fair 2018)

More info:

Check prices: Amazon affiliate links — Bow and Mallow — Double Barrel Shooter — Straight Shooter — Snap Dragon — Slingbow — Extreme Camo Blaster — Mega Ball Shooter — Dog Gone Tennis Ball Launcher



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