Lenovo Legion Y730, Y530 and C730 Cube (Pepcom 2018)

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Lenovo has updated their Legion brand of gaming laptops and computers with newer components and a complete redesign. Laptops now have a dual fan underneath, a new unique hinge design and 8th generation Intel “Coffee Lake” CPU’s.

The Legion Y530 laptop is a 15.6″ entry level model with white backlit keyboard while the Legion Y730 bumps up all the specs to include:

  • Nvidia GTX 1070 gpu with G-Sync technology
  • 32GB of RAM
  • Display size of 15.6″ or 17″
  • RGB backlit keyboard
  • Storage configuration from 128GB to 1TB
  • Select models will have Dolby Vision (which is akin to HDR for 4K)

Coming in from left field is their totally redesigned Legion C730 Cube. It’s very pretty just to look at – it lights up on the inside with a view of the important components (from a gamer’s perspective).

Better cooling is achieved with the motherboard being aligned vertically in the middle allowing for good airflow from the front of the cube and out the back. On the back, there’s a big hinge for an easy way to open the case, as well as a way to manage your cables on the bottom via a strap.

And the best part? It’s got a carry handle!

More info: https://www.lenovo.com

Pepcom Digital Experience Tech Show (06/18)
@Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City


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