Audio Technica AT-ADX5000 Flagship Headphones

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The AT-ADX5000 are Audio Technica‘s latest flagship, a complete redesign of their open back headphones. The 58mm driver is center mounted with use of a new hardened alloy for the yoke.

To offer maximum audio quality, the AT-ADX5000 uses the new proprietary A2DC detachable cable that is being implemented into newer Audio Technica products. An additional standard phono cable is included and the headphones also work with an optional balanced cable for extra grounding and signal separation.


Audio Technica‘s earbud models range from LS50 to LS400. The first two models, LS50 and LS70 use symphonic (regular) drivers and as you move up, the LS200 use dual armature drivers (which is like fitting two cones in a speaker instead of having just one.) There’s no surprise then that the LS300 has three armature drivers and the LS400 has four, bringing with it a much higher accuracy.

The Livesound series also utilize the A2DC connector that rotates 360 degrees, and are upgradable to 3.5mm or 4.5mm balanced cables.

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CanJam Audio Show (02/18)
@The Marriott, New York City


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