Whistler Radar Detectors & Dashcams (CE Week 2018)

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Whistler‘s been around since the 1970’s and offer a range of technology surrounding car security and safety including radar detectors and dashcams.

Their smallest cam is nearly the size of a silver dollar coin – it’s got a resolution of 1080p and has a low-light setting that records even when it gets dark.

Their “Rosie” dashcam (remeniscent of the Jetsons) has a camera head that can rotate to record in different directions and detaches/attaches magnetically for quick storage.

Some of their latest radar detectors have built-in dashcams to save space and minimize clutter on your windshield while their backup cameras (for going in reverse) are powered by solar panels around your license plate and can be installed in about 12 minutes.

More info: https://whistlergroup.com

CE Week Technology Show (06/18)
@Jacob Javits Center, New York City


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