See Through Walls with Walabot DIY Plus @Pepcom 2019


Walabot DIY Plus lets you see through walls using your Android smartphone and their enhanced imager. For the most basic of functions, you can use this as a studfinder to actually see wood and metal studs/beams, pipes and wires – whereas common studfinders only make a noise when it thinks there’s something there.

Studs and pipes are fixed objects – they don’t move around. But let’s say you start hearing things behind your wall; you can use the DIY Plus in expert mode to pick up any kind of movement to confirm something is actually there.

Their second product is Walabot Home, a device that monitors the safety of elders. It detects when a person has fallen and will call for help if there is no response from you. You can program up to 4 caregivers numbers to call. There’s nothing to wear – no bracelet, watch, necklace, nothing – it’s simply attached to the wall of any area you want monitored.

It costs $99 with $9 monthly monitoring service fee.

More info:

Pepcom Digital Experience Event (06/19)
@Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City


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