Ventev’s Wireless Qi Charger Adjusts for Any Size Device (Pepcom 09/18)

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Ventev makes high quality smartphone and tablet accessories (of the electrical variety) from chargers to cables. This time, they venture into wireless charging with two Qi wireless charging products:

Wireless Chargepad+ – a Qi certified fastcharger with a 10W output. It’s really small, lightweight and really nice to look at.

Wireless Chargestand – has a higher power output at 15W and has an adjustable puck for any sized device you may want to charge. You can also remove the puck if you’d rather charge flat on a table, for example. This product is also Qi certified and will fastcharge.

Ventev also presents 2 types of cables in the video, with each made from different materials and covering all plug types from Android to Apple.

More info:

Check prices: Amazon affiliate link — Wireless Chargepad+ — Wireless Chargestand — Chargesync Lightning cable — Chargesync Alloy USB A-C Cable

Pepcom Holiday Spectacular Event (09/18)
@Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City


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