Video: Tech Talk – Intel Slams AMD with Core i9, Windows running on Snapdragon chip?

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Episode: 17.06.01
Tech Talk is about the latest goings-on in the tech world and what that means for you.

In this episode:

  • YouTube policy change – will it affect your ad revenue?
  • Intel takes a swing at AMD with i9 CPUs (with 18 cores!)
  • Intel’s 8th generation “Coffee Lake” to be 30% faster than current chips
  • New Macbook Pro is more of the same
  • Windows 10 works on Snapdragon 835 mobile chip?
  • Canon’s new C200 Cinema EOS camera

Today’s shirt: Hardiman shirt from the VR game Adr1ft


Young is a Jack-of-many-trades. He's lived/worked on several continents for all sorts of companies (and has had his own too.) He meditates with origami and likes coffee, though he really should lay off that stuff.

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