Jabuka Stimulates your Mind with Word Play @Toy Fair 2019

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Jabuka is a word game using “a bag of coffee bean letters” where players form words using the beans. The fun part is the lack of letter restrictions – you can rotate an E into an M or W giving you many options to form different words.

But there’s also the chance this might cause your downfall. Another player can potentially steal your beans by rotating your letters to form a new word and take the beans from you. Each bean is worth a point, so it’s not about making up new words, but also your ability to reform existing words into new ones.

This game reminds me of Scrabble without strict rules. Since all the letters are out in the open, it keeps you on your toes especially because it’s always possible for another player to steal your points.

In a fun way, Jabuka is a game that can help develop speed of thought and vocabulary development. Especially useful if you plan on being a rapper some day.

More info: https://www.JabukaGames.com

Toy Fair Event (02/19)
@Jacob Javits Center, New York City


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