Complete Razor Scooters & Bikes for 2023-2024 @Toy Fair 2023


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Video Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction

Rambler Series (e-Bikes)
00:14 Rambler 12, 16, 20
01:49  -Coming: Rambler TRL & MD1

Ground Force Series (Go-Karts)
03:00 Rad Rod (drifting, like World Rally)
03:56 Ground Force Elite (grippy, like Formula 1)

Crazy Cart Series
04:40 Crazy Cart Shuffle (no battery)
06:24 Demo – Crazy Cart Shuffle

Electric Scooters
07:21 E-Series scooters (for fun)
07:46 Commuter scooters – Icon
07:58 C45 (Razor’s 2nd most powerful)
08:27 EcoSmart Cargo (Razor’s most powerful, 2 rider capable)

09:32 Lightshow Series
09:51 RipRider 360, PowerWing, Power Core E90, CrazyCart Shift

Rides for Kids
11:07 Rollie DLX (learn 2 balance)
11:59 Dash (walking e-bike)
12:44 Rip Rider 360 Mini
13:02 Kick 2 Glow (black or white)
13:37 Classic kick-scooters (Model A)

14:23 Outtro

Kick scooters, electric bikes, maybe something for the kids – or was it an adult… wah!!! Too many choices!

In this video, Razor clears things up by showing you their total line-up of products for 2023-2024. Now you don’t have to wonder; at the very least, this will narrow down the choices to help you figure out what you may need, whether it’s city commuting or a 2-person ride – or something that’ll burn your kid’s calorie count so they’ll be calm by dinner time.

More Info:
Event: NY Toy Fair (Sep-Oct, 2023)


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