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00:00 Introduction
01:43 Mutant Mayhem movie figures
02:06 Mutant Toddlers
03:03 Tootin’ Toddler Turtles & Sewer Slams
03:45 Mutant Mayhem Giant figures

Playmates Toys showed a selection of their hottest toys for 2023 at Toy Fair. Even though there was a whole section more that we weren’t allowed to talk about, what we COULD show already is quite a collection!

Classic Figure line

The Classic line (depending on what “classic” means to you) had turtles from the 2003 movie and also from the original comic book. They were available in several shades of green depending on the era from a dark olive color to lime green. In both regular and giant size.

Not to be one sided, there were plenty of bad guys being represented too; I mean you can’t play with just hero figures, right?

The Mutant Mayhem movie figures

There’s a line of Turtles and their rivals from the Seth Rogan movie TMNT Mutant Mayhem.

Target exclusive, Mutant Toddlers, will be made available in more outlets next year (2024).

Two new lines that’ll be fun for the younger kids include Tootin’ Toddler Turtles, which make a “tootin” sound when squeezed (almost like a whoopy cushion), and Sewer Slams blind box figures that “rocket” out the container when you “slam” on the bottom.

More Info:
IG: @PlaymatesToys
FB: @ThePlaymatesToys

Event: NY Toy Fair (Sep-Oct, 2023)


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