2023 Kotobukiya Model Kits – Mega Man, Frame Arms Girls & More! @Toy Fair 2023


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Video Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction
00:16 Zoids & Mega Man
01:07 Wonder Woman
01:32 Frame Arms Girls / Megami Device

02:36 Sousai Shojo Teien
03:38 Unlimited Universe Megalomania (Ruby Eye & Principal)
04:40 Arcanadea
06:45 Hexa Gear

After seeing their collectible figures for 2023 (as seen in our last video with Kotobukiya), we wanted to know what their model kit lineup looked like.

There was licensed stuff like Mega Man & Wonder Woman, but the bulk of their advancements was developed in their own lines like Frame Arts Girls and Megami Device.

What had me smiling was the whole “tea and biscuits” sets of Sousa Shojo Teien that had tables, chairs and everything one would need for traveling (luggage, camera, etc) for the schoolgirl models of the series.

But my absolute favorite had to be the centaur horse-girl prototype, Elena of Arcanadea. It’s quite a sizeable model kit based on a sci-fi/fantasy world created by Kotobukiya. There’s a fascinating backstory to this world (I’m told), though it may be hard to find in English.

And for the mech crowd, there’s Hexa Gear, a long time Kotobukiya favorite. There are some super big ones for those who have space in their homes, and smaller ones for we, who live in closet-sized apartments.

More Info: https://www.kotobukiya.co.jp/en/
Social media: https://www.kotobukiya.co.jp/en/sns/

Event: NY Toy Fair (Sep-Oct, 2023)


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