Mezco Toyz’ Gomez, LDD Presents & 2020 Product Guide (Toy Fair 2020)


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00:10 – Gomez gold head / gold plated head figure
00:26 – Living Dead Dolls (LDD) Presents
01:26 – Mega Scale 15″ Figures with sound

02:00 – Mezco Designer Series
02:28 – Roto Plush 18″ Dolls
02:37 – 5 Points Line (3 3/4″ size)

04:02 – One:12 Collective
06:13 – Static-6 12″ statue (Conan)
06:35 – King King of Skull Island

As always, Mezco Toyz has their horror lines with the well known Living Dead Dolls (LDD) Presents line and their 20th anniversary celebrating their mascot, Gomez. As a secret agent from another dimension, he’s got a roach’s head and can pull some amazing moves in that reality. As a Toy Fair exclusive, there are two versions of him – one in a gold colored head, and another in a gold plated head. Fully articulated with accessories and garb.

After showing their variety of Living Dead Dolls, we’re treated to their Mega Scale figures that are 15″ tall and “talk”. They will say lines from their respecive films, though Jason (Friday the 13th) will probably make some kind of noise and Sam (Trick R Treat) will keep silent – as usual.

To round off the large figures, the Roto Plush 18″ line are large plush dolls with vinyl heads, hands and feet.

The 5 Points Line are their action figures (sized 3 3/4″), which as big as the Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures back in the ’80s and ’90s. Some of them come as deluxe sets with all the figures and a location set such as the 1966 Batman which includes Batman, Robin, Alfred, the Bat car, Bat cave and four villains.

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — Sabrina (Chilling Adventures) – LDD — Pennywise – Mega Scale 15″ Talking — The Nun – Roto Plush 18″ — Deluxe Chucky – MDS (Designer Series)

More info:
Event: Toy Fair 2020 (Jacob Javits Center, NYC – Feb 2020)


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