Artgerm, Frank Miller & Other DC Direct Artist Collaborations -Part 2 (Toy Fair 2020)


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00:12 – DC Designer Series
01:23 – DC Designer Series Mini
01:55 – DC Cover Girls

02:52 – DC Artists Alley

05:57 – Batman -Black & White
07:59 – The Joker -Clown Prince of Crime
09:11 – Harley Quinn -Red, White & Black

DC Direct collaborates with really great artists like Jim Lee, Michael Turner and Todd McFarlane – plus a host of others that’ll knock your socks off. The idea is for DC to take the artist’s work, say an illustration, and bring it to life with a physical 3 dimensional sculpted figure.

Many of these statues are really jaw dropping. The beautiful (and many times, awesomely silly) results will make you smile and wonder how many of them you can afford to pick up. I really like the Brittney Lee Catwoman sculpt; the guys at DC Direct really did an awesome job turning what was basically a paper cutout into a 3D model.

Then there’s the story of 3 Robins as they struggle to carry Batman throughout the ages by Zach Heffelfinger. It’s amazing how one statue can portray such a complex story (given some knowledge of Batman and his sidekicks of course…)

The Batman Black & White line has 100 different interpretations of what artists think Batman can be. What you see in the picture above are future coming statues starting at #101 with Frank Miller’s Armored Batman (left).

DC Direct - Essentials DCeased

DC Direct has their own line of products and awesome statues in addition to these collaborations.

Not to be outdone, The Joker has a new line of his own called The Clown Prince of Crime. The picture below shows the first 3 statues by Lee Bermejo, Brian Bolland and Jim Lee.

Joker Clown Prince of Crime

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Event: Toy Fair 2020 (Jacob Javits Center, NYC – Feb 2020)


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