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Solar ovens, coolers and chargers – if it has anything to do with solar gear, GoSun is a company to check out!

The idea behind the company is to empower people to live independently. So if you live off-grid, or in an area in the middle of nowhere with little access to power sources (when you go camping even), GoSun products can certainly make your life easier by harnessing power directly from the sun to cook your food, cool your drinks and even take hot showers!

Also, I’m pretty sure that most preppers can appreciate the solar cooker. In a SHTF situation, cooking over a fire will attract undue attention from the smoke and the smell of food. A solar cooker will minimize the danger of being visited by groups of hungry scavengers or gangs (undoubtedly with guns) who want your supplies. And yes this can happen – it’s not a joke.

GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler

GoSun Chillest

Chillest is a 45 liter (that’s 60 beer cans) cooler that keeps your food & drinks cold for over 10 hours using an internal battery – with no ice required. You can charge up the battery using an attachable solar table (provides up to 25W) or connect it to your car (12V or AC adapter.) The cooler is efficient and runs on 45W of power.

Cooling takes less than 30 minutes, with 2 compartments available (allows you to have both a fridge and freezer.) Temperature range is controllable from -2F to 68F.

There are optional add-ons that you can attach to Chillest:

  • Solar Table – charge Chillest using free sun power
  • External power bank – adds 30 more hours of operation
  • Sun umbrella – for shade
  • BlueTooth speaker – music anyone?

The Chillest cooler is relatively light at 30 lbs. It’s currently an Indiegogo project with pre-orders at almost 3000%. It’s a follow up design of the original Chill, which is available right now.

This product seems really cool. I wish I did more picnicking or camping to warrant getting one myself.

More Info: https://www.gosun.co
Event: Techfluence Virtual Tech Event (May 2021)


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