1More is World’s First with THX Certified Wireless ANC Headphones (Techfluence 2020)


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1More True Wireless Headphones with ANC and THX certification

It’s another world’s first for 1More; true wireless headphones with Active Noise Cancellation (dubbed QuietMax) with THX certification -the first of its kind- at a (relatively affordable) price of $199. And don’t forget, 1More is also the first to bring THX certified wired headphones to market too, with their triple driver and quad driver hi-fi models (with balanced armature and dynamic drivers).

This is no small feat. There are huge complications once you remove wires for audio that require massive engineering efforts – if you want to ensure consistent and pleasing sound. Just to name a few challenges, 1More have had to balance BlueTooth 5.0, AptX, and three settings for ANC (on/off/pass-through) correctly for tight audio response meeting THX standards. This isn’t easy considering the amount of technology that needs to be jammed into a little earbud the size of a grape.

Whole Lotta Tech Inside

The jamming in of tech include 2 drivers: one balanced armature and one dynamic driver. Bluetooth 5 is achieved using an optimized Qualcomm chip with low power consumption. The ANC microphone catches both outside environmental and in-ear noises for suppression, and infrared sensors detect when an earbud is removed for auto play/pause of music. And somehow they still found enough space to fit batteries for up to 6 hours of continuous playback – and 22 hours of total playback (using the charging case between listening sessions.)

Fine Musical Tuning

Like all of 1More’s headphones, the sound signature of this true wireless model is tuned by Luca Bignardi, a 4 time grammy award winning sound engineer. The dude is reportedly responsible for each individual driver’s frequency range and crossover in their more complex models like the quad and triple driver units. This attention to detail is outstanding, especially since it’s being done by a musician with over 40 years of experience. Now you can listen to what 40 years of music and audio experience can sound like in any one of 1More’s products.

What Does THX Certification Mean?

THX in audio is like a cinematic experience through your ears. You should hear a balanced sound stage, with clear vocals and dialog. There shouldn’t be any distortion or crackling at high volumes either (think of the movie theater – the sound is really cranked up high, but it never crackles as it might at home because your speakers or headphones can’t handle the volume.)

And since these headphones are ANC, THX tests for superior noise isolation, both active and passive. It involves tests for fit and seal (like eartip materials for passive noise). There are also tests for frequency response, low noise floor, channel balance (in multi-driver headphones), center balance, just to name a few.

Connecting with their Mission

To some people, 1More has seemingly popped out of nowhere with award winning products – which seems puzzling at first. But actually they’re also an OEM. They’ve been manufacturing headphones for many well known companies, so it’s a business they’re familiar with and understand.

When it comes to their own brand of headphones though, 1More is doing their own R&D and product design. They’re coming up with their own signature sound with Luca B. They’re bringing new things to market like THX certified true wireless earbuds – WITH Active Noise Cancellation. They’re not doing it and charging exorbitant prices either, with their mission being summed up as: “reference quality sound at an affordable price.”

It’s an idea that I think many people can connect with.

More info: https://1more.com
Event: Techfluence 2020 (Sept 2020)


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