Bend’ems & Spin Flip from TCG Toys -Sweet Suite 2022


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00:00 – Introduction
00:07 – Bend’ems
00:35 – Spin Flip

Bend’ems are flexible action figures by TCG Toys with brands like Ladybug & Sonic the Hedgehog. They’re bendy and shapable, reminding us of the Gumby and Pokey toys of years past.

Spin Flip is a disc-like puzzle with pictures on two sides. It’s composed of 14 rings which are spinnable (and flippable, front to back) until you form the picture. Which is great if you solve one side, but the other side needs solving next!

Spin Flip discs have varying pictures on the front & back sides, from kittens/puppies to pizza/pasta.

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