Four New Action Toys by Zing for 2020 Holidays (Sweet Suite 2020)


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Original Post: 08/05/2020
Video added: 8/24/2020

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00:09 — Go Go Bird hybrid drone
01:06 — Stikbots Megabots
01:28 — Marshmallow Blasters and
02:29 — Zax Ax Target Pack

Zing has four new products for the holiday season – The hybrid drone Go Go Bird, Stikbots Megabots, Marshmallow Blasters and the Zax Ax Target Pack.


The Go Go Bird is a remote controlled flying bird with technology built in to avoid crashing into obstacles. Watching it fly reminds me of kites, but the navigation is done with a single hand-held controller to speed up or slow down, do circles, figure-8s and (counter)clockwise movements.

Go Go Bird

It’s powered by a lithium battery with a flight time of about 12 minutes and recharges in as fast as 12 minutes. Since it comes with 2 batteries, you can charge one while you fly using the other one – which means the possibility of non-stop flying!

Offered in 2 colors, red or green, you’ll have to decide between wanting a cardinal or a parrot!



StikBots turns 5 years old! To celebrate, the StikBots figures will be gifted with new vehicles to ride and control called the MegaBots. With three models in three colors, there’s the:

  1. Green Knockout, a heavy duty demolotion robot
  2. Blue Avalanche for building and construction
  3. Red Turbo Cycle for a fast getaway

Destroy, build or speedride with MegaBots.


Marshmallow Blasters turn soft marshmallows into ammunition for some fun shooting sessions between you and your friends! You have a vast choice of shooters that take either large marshmallows or small ones, but you need to choose carefully. Some of them can shoot a lot at once, but not long distances – there are others that can shoot really far, but only one marshmallow at a time like a sniper rifle.

To illustrate, the Extreme Blaster has an exceptionally long range, shooting large marshmallows to 40 feet away. The power comes from compressed air that’s stored with every pump you make into the air chamber. When you pull the trigger, it releases all that pressure in one powerful air propelled shot.

If speed is more your style, there’s the rapid fire Bow and Mallow blaster that holds mini marshmallows and shoots up to 30 feet. Instead of a trigger or pump action, this one (like a bow) uses a pull and release motion of an actual bow.

As an added bonus, Zing lets you in on a secret – they recommend using corn starch to coat your marshmallows so that

A) your shots are fired off with a smokey puff and
B) they don’t stick to one another

You basically put both starch and marshmallows in a ziploc bag and shake it til you make it.


Finally there’s the new Zax Ax Target Pack. The ax itself is made of foam that you can safely throw both indoors and out as you can see in our review; instead of having a bladed edge, it uses soft suction cups to stick to things.

Zax Ax Target Pack

Previously you could only buy one ax at a time, but the new Target Pack comes with 2 axes and a double sided target for some seriously fun competition. The target is a really nice addition because now you have the goal of improving your aim and have 2 throws (not one) before having to go recover the axes.

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