WowWee brings you Power Treads, MIP Arcade and Hands Full (Sweet Suite 2020)


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Power Treads is a track creation toy by WowWee that comes with modular tracks and an All Surface Vehicle (ASV). You can design many different kinds of tracks using combinations of straight and elbow pieces. When you’re finished, you set off the ASV and see if it can complete the track and land on the power trekker. If it works, the trekker should start walking away – but if not, it’s back to the drawing board!

Power Treads by WowWee

You can add variety to your track designs using stuff around the house – elevate your tracks with books or make tunnels with poster tube mailers. A glow-in-the-dark sticker sheet is provided so you can make runs in the dark.

Power Treads comes with an ASV, a 14 piece modular track set and a power trekker. The ASV runs on battery power, which in turn powers the walking power trekker.

MIP Arcade & Hands Full

00:03 — MIP Arcade
03:45 — Hands Full

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MIP Arcade is a self-balancing robot buddy that you can play games with. For instance, there’s a built-in basketball game for you to shoot hoops; if you can make 5 shots within 30 seconds, MIP will level you up and move around faster. Make another 5 shots and he goes nuts with more speed and turns. 

While it isn’t necessary, you’ll probably want to download the MIP Arcade app (available on the app store) to keep track of scores and play a multitude of other games like color matching (using the front LED lights and sensors) and the shake game, with MIP testing your senses and reactions. 

This bot has a neat trick with his tray attachment. Once in, you can put something on it (like a can of soda) and he’ll balance it without falling as he moves about. What would be really cool is if you can tell him where to deliver it!

When you’re done playing with MIP, you can let him roam free to do his own thing by clapping twice.

MIP Arcade comes runs on 4 AAA batteries and includes accessories including three mini balls. Availability is sometime in October of 2020.


Hands Full is a physically demanding multi-player game that tests your reactions around sound. It looks like a large, hollow ball and reminds me of the Deep Space 9 space station with colorful balls around the pylons.

Hands Full by WowWee

The game is almost like a standing version of Twister, but you have to listen carefully for audio instructions. As you play, the actions can get more and more frenzied as you pass Hands Full around like a hot potato.

It’s got 6 levels for up to 4 players, and senses movement (with a built-in motion sensor) to make sure you’re doing what’s asked of you. When you’re done playing, it folds flat for easy transport. It’s available now on Amazon.

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