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Pokemon @SweetSuite 2020

Pokemon Battle Academy is an easy-to-learn introduction for would-be players to the world of Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). It’s a fun way for the whole family to learn it together, with 3 decks and easy to follow game instructions.

It’s great for younger fans who love the cards but don’t know how to play; Battle Academy makes learning the game more approachable for everybody. To start, the first two illustrated books, Charizard and Pikachu are guided games for people starting out. The MewTwo book is for “advanced” play once you get comfortable with the basics. The full ruleset for TCG is introduced in MewTwo, with an index so you can look up specific information when you need it.


Board – You get a square sized, 2 player board with mirror matching halves. There are many helpful tips and reminders all over in case you forget something.

Cards – 3 sets of 60 card decks: Charizard (orange), Pikachu (yellow), Mewtwo (purple)

Pokemon Battle Academy Decks
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Each deck has a corresponding guide book and each card has a number. When you’re done playing, you can reset the deck to its original stack order using the numbers. As an added bonus, each deck’s most powerful card is a collectible reflective foil card with a double rainbow effect.

Tokens – Punch-out tokens for use as damage counters and GX (power move) markers.

Coin – an oversized 2-sided coin.

All the contents are shown on the back of the box – you’ll see exactly what you’re getting.

More info: https://www.pokemon.com/
Event: Sweet Suite 2020 (July 2020)


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