ROK Mobile, Best Unlimited Plans in the USA?


ROK Mobile is a new wireless carrier with “the best unlimited plans in the country”. But more interestingly, they’re not limiting themselves to just smartphones, but services like roadside assistance, and a rewards program.

First it’s flexible; their system runs on three of the largest carriers in the United States, which allows you to port over any phone from any of those companies as long as they’re unlocked and you don’t owe any money to those carriers.

Second, they offer roadside assistance with all their plans, plus other useful services as an add-on package called ROK Life. Legal services, Pharmacy savings, and ID Theft insurance are some of these.

Third, they have the ROK Rewards program that gives you a digital coupon every month for $100 which accrues (and if you don’t spend it, it carries over to the next month!) You can use it at select restaurants, shops (Gap, BJ’s, Michaels, more) and entertainment.

Finally, they offer free international calls on the Sprint network to over 60 countries and SMS text messaging to over 120 countries. You can always look up any country to see if they qualify – and you can do it before you buy the service on their website. While they don’t offer unlimited international calls on the other two networks, they offer ROK Talk which is a 500 minute call credit every month using their ROK Talk app.

ROK Mobile is currently running a Black Friday sale – if you go with the red company with the checkmark logo, they’ll give you three months of unlimited talk, text and data for $99. If you go with Sprint, you’ll also get a free Android phone (the ZTE Prestige) in addition to the three months of service for $99. This offer is only good until December 31st, so go check it out!

Watch the video above for more Details.

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