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00:00 Introduction
00:18 Unboxing
01:24 Product walkthrough (button count)
02:43 Plugging in. Wow… the lights

Gaming & Customizing
04:05 Gaming with this mouse (technical aspects)
06:45 Installing Swarm for gaming – walkthrough
09:00 Swarm can auto-switch your game profile!

10:05 Gaming again after customization
11:24 4D scroll wheel… not 1, not 2, but 3 clicks!

13:30 The other Swarm settings for Kone XP
14:04 Light settings
15:50 Button Assignments (& default settings if there’s no Swarm)

18:21 Improvements?
19:32 Conclusion

Roccat Kone XP Gaming mouse

The Roccat Kone XP is a 15 button gaming mouse with some unique lighting that resemble fins on a CPU heatsink. With Easy-shift, 15 buttons turn into virtually 29 (well, 24 if we’re being practical), but even with this many buttons, you never mistakenly press the wrong one. It fits like a glove and stays glued to your right hand even with a light grip.

Important hardware:

  • Titan optical switches (0.2ms actuation speed, 100 million click life)
  • 19,000 Owl-Eye sensor (based on PixArt PAW 3370)

Hardware aside, you can raise the bar on your gaming results by using SWARM software to customize the button functions. Believe me, it makes a huge difference once you have more than the 6 standard mouse buttons.

While not as crucial, you also have visual control of color lighting schemes. It’s useful if you have a team color or you like the color scheme of a certain game. The Kone XP works with AIMO lighting if you have other Roccat accessories that are compatible (watch the AIMO explainer video – link below.)

If you’re new to SWARM software, we have several tutorials that might help: — Download & install process — How to use Swarm once installed — What is Easy-Shift? How to use? — What is AIMO lighting?

The Playlist of all SWARM videos:

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link

More Info:
(Test unit provided by Roccat for this review.)


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