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Stellarune screenshot
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Game: Stellarune
Developer: Mergician Productions

Stellarune is a real-time action strategy game where players use dice to cast magic spells while engaging in real time, grid based combat. It is based on Mega Man Battle Network and One Step from Eden.

Players have to dance around enemies on the grid to time attacks correctly. It’s centered around magic that comes from the soul, thus what gets thrown about are “soul dice”. The more magic you have in your soul, the more dice that are created for you to utilize.

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The dice have various symbols inscribed on them, representing the different kinds of skills you can cast.

As you go up the levels of the tower, you have to strategize on the kind of build and customization you want on your dice to fight various types of enemies.

At first glance, it might look like a turn-based game, but it actually plays in real time. It’s fast, fluid, has lots of action and requires good timing during play.


Stellarune is being developed on Unreal 5 to take advantage of its robust VFX engine.

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INTERVIEW (edited for brevity)

Fun facts:

  1. The game’s first name, Mergician, was used instead as the company name.
  2. Being a dice game, the newly formed Mergician team thought it fitting to roll dice to let chance decide on the naming (even number for Stellarune, odd for another name). All 7 members rolled even numbers! (…except one roll, which fell off the table – it didn’t count. 😛 )
  3. The Mergician Productions team has people based in NY and CA. Most, if not all are NYU Game Design graduates.


The game is a prototype, 4 months in the making. They are working to release the game next year, in 2024.

More Info: About Stellarune gameplay
Mergician Productions:

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