Keep Track of Everything with T-Mobile SyncUP (Pepcom 2021)


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T-Mobile showed off their SyncUP series which connects you to your children, your car and anything you don’t want to lose (like your bike)… along with, of course, your smartphone.

  • SyncUP Kids Watch (for your kids)
  • SyncUP Drive (for your car)
  • SyncUP Tracker (tracks valuables like your bicycle)
  • Revvl V+ 5G smartphone (works on the 5G network)

For your kids, T-Mobile’s SyncUP Kids watch has real-time location tracking that lets you know where they are at all times (never lose sight of your kids at the mall again.) Plus, you can create a virtual boundary (for example, around their school) to alert you when they move out of those bounds. It can also take pictures and has practical functions like timer, alarm and calculator.

SyncUP Drive lets you locate your car so you don’t have to go hunting around for it (at a full parking lot for example). It also functions as a wi-fi hotspot and as an info system in case a weird symbol happens to pop up off your dashboard (it’ll help you decipher what it means.)

SyncUP Tracker attaches to any object you don’t want to lose (like a bicycle). This product also lets you set virtual boundaries to notify you when it’s moved out of those bounds. It connects not only with Bluetooth, but on T-Mobile’s LTE network for tracking up to 100 miles away. The battery lasts 5-7 days per charge.

Finally, they’ve got the affordable Revvl V+ 5G smartphone that works on the 5G network.

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Event: Pepcom Holiday Spectacular (October 2021)


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