Breathe Cleaner Air with Alen Air Purifiers (Pepcom 2021)


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Alen walks us through their air purifiers with versions for smaller and larger rooms. They’re all True HEPA (H13), capturing 99.99% of particles like bacteria and viruses down to .1 micron in size.

The BreatheSmart 75i covers up to 1300 square feet with filters that last 12-15 months before needing replacement. The BreatheSmart 45i is a smaller version covering 800 square feet and filters that last 9-12 months.

A sensor detects air quality, which is depicted by varying colors so you can tell when it’s clean and clear or in need of more filtering. An auto mode allows self regulation of fan speed using the sensor so you don’t need to do it manually.

There are optional designer panels available in various colors and textures like dark and light wood.

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Event: Pepcom Holiday Spectacular (October 2021)


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