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Scosche makes (tech) gear for the adventurous, outdoorsy and travel enthusiast. They have the new Magic Mount Hydro to keep you hydrated and BaseLynx 2.0 for charging your essentials. My favorites though are the unsung heroes of charge – super portable chargers and high quality cables; see them below!

Scosche Magic Mount Hydro

Magic Mount Hydro is a water bottle/phone holder. Sort of looks like a hammer, with magnetic mount on front and a weighted back; so no tipping over even when the bottle is near empty. The removable neoprene sleeve protects the bottle’s bottom, and can be used -in dire cases- as a water bowl for your dog. Comes in 32 oz & 12 oz sizes.

Scosche Baselynx 2.0

BaseLynx 2.0 is a modular charging system for Apple products coming June 2023. Interchangeable components lets you customize the kind of charging ports are installed; you can have 3 phone chargers, or 2 phone chargers and a watch charger if you have an Apple watch. Mix and match to your heart’s content.

Customization starts with the power module on the left (connecting to a wall outlet). From there you add your choice of charging components and finish with an endcap on the right. On top of all this, there are 3 USB-C charge ports. An Apple exclusive.

Other charging products include:

PowerVolt Travel30 – a super compact GaN (Gallium Nitride) fast charger. This 30W USB-C Power Delivery charger is a 2-in-1 home (110V AC wall) and car (12V DC) travel charger. Super small, yet super powerful.

Scosche Magic Mount Pro

Magic Mount Base Pro – An elegant desktop charging station with removable power pack (no power pack for non-Pro version) for Apple products like phones and airpods. It’s Mag-safe & magic mount compatible with 2 wireless charging areas. The base has ambient lights that you can turn on or off and there’s an adapter specifically for Apple watches. Additionally, there’s a USB-C plug.

Scosche Strikeline USB-C cable

StrikeLine RA USB-C Cables – Not quite there, but we’re almost at the point where USB-C is the new standard plug type for portable tech. Scosche offers high quality USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to lightning right angle cables. They’re 4ft long, Power Delivery (PD) compatible and offer a lifetime warranty.

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